June 09

Challenge Strategies

Want some quick, simple strategies to stretch and challenge students in your classes? Check out our new Challenge Strategies toolkit. Advertisements

June 09

DOT Marking

Last Wednesday the AFL Hub shared their research into DOT marking. Sophie and Chrissie have been using this extensively with their Year 9 groups. The idea is simple: instead of writing reams of red pen, mark students’ work for literacy and then give a ‘dot’ target. Students can cross-reference the dot in class, write down […]

March 25

My Latest Assemblies

So here’s my favourite recent assemblies. Each have been converted to pdf but I’ve linked the videos within the blurb. If you’d like the original PowerPoints then DM me at @teachingplus. Hope they come in use. 1. The importance of letting go We need to let go of our past to fully live in the present. The […]

March 11

Improving writing in our classrooms

Michelle and I led the twilight on Improving writing this afternoon. We began by asking the group what they felt were the greatest barriers to students engaging in extended writing within their own classrooms. Student apathy, often stemming from a lack of confidence around their writing, was felt to be the most significant barrier. The following strategies can be […]

March 06


We all want our students to be calm, focused, responsive and creative, which is essentially what mindfulness is all about. As a school community we’ve been engaging with meditation and mindfulness over the course of this year. Amitabha joined us last week to run a superb session for our staff. We also began our day […]

March 01

Flipped Learning & Google Classroom

Yusuf led a thought-provoking briefing this week on his action research into flipped learning. Yusuf shared how he is establishing a flipped classroom to engage students before they set foot into his class.  Google Classroom has proved a great tool in flipping the learning – especially with engaging his Sixth Form classes. Yusuf has used […]

February 06


A massive thanks to all our speakers and guests for making #INOW2015 a success this week. The presentations from the evening can be found below. Any further questions then leave a comment or direct message me at @teachingplus. Nina Jackson’s @musicmind Inspirational keynote Stephen O’Callaghan @MrOCallaghanEdu ‘If it’s not excellent it’s not finished’ seminar, blog […]