My Latest Assemblies

So here’s my favourite recent assemblies. Each have been converted to pdf but I’ve linked the videos within the blurb. If you’d like the original PowerPoints then DM me at @teachingplus. Hope they come in use.

1. The importance of letting go
We need to let go of our past to fully live in the present. The Dalai Lama sums it up when he says … ‘most of our troubles are due to our desire to be attached to things that we see as enduring forever’. Role models come by way of Victor Moses – the ex-Chelsea, ex-Liverpool, now Stoke footballer – Jay Z and Martine Wright – the British Paralympian. Show this powerful video as an accompaniment. This one has gone down well with students and staff.

Jay Z

2. Grit & Flow
Built on the thinking of Angela Lee Duckworth via David Didau and Alex Quigley this assembly builds on the notion of grit and flow, working in Dweck’s growth mindsets along the way. A great quote and video from Bruce Lee feature – ‘I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks, I fear the man who has practised the same kick 10,000 times’. I play the video of him playing table tennis with nunchucks too. Plus we watch Barcelona practising tiki taka football. And THAT Carlos Alberto wonder goal. Three nice videos that highlight the grit needed to reach flow.

GRIT & flow

3. What do two climbers, an actress, an indie band and a six year old school boy have in common?
The sequel to Grit & Flow. The initial assembly went down so positively with students I decided to follow it up with this one. This time we take inspiration from Kevin Jorgeson, Tommy CaldwellOkay Go (thanks to @headguruteacher), Angela Jolie and Austin’s Butterfly.


4. Malala: The Value of Education
Is your education worth dying for? For Malala Yousefzai simply choosing to go to school was a life-threatening act. An inspiring story, for a reflective assembly.