Monthly Archives: September 2014

September 25

Active Learning

Yesterday we had our second twilight training session. David and Angus spoke to us about active learning. David began by sharing some context. In a progress driven culture, can we really afford to spend time actively engaging our students? Or as Geoff Petty puts it ‘Active Learning? You must be joking, there’s no time for […]

September 24

Literacy in Humanities

Ellie led our briefing this morning. Literacy is being embedded across the Humanities team in a number of ways. First, there’s the classic ‘Word of the Week’ up on everyone’s door. A great way of highlighting those difficult to spell terms (see also Dirty Thirty Wordle – for our whole school list of words that […]

September 17

Think > Talk > Write

It was great to have David Didau (@LearningSpy) in today to kick off our T+ Twilght Training Programme. David began by reminding us that all teachers are teachers of literacy. ‘Doing literacy’ is not the way to view it. Literacy is not an annex to our subjects, something that we simply get out of the […]

September 17

Science Fiction

It was the turn of the Science team today to take our T&L briefing. Alan shared the approaches they’ve been taking with literacy this term. Firstly, all equipment and key terms are displayed on word walls across the faculty. The team also have root word walls too. Here they display parts of words like therm […]

September 13

Ltrcy n Mths

The maths team took the teaching and learning briefing this week. Kath spoke about how the team are raising the profile of literacy within their subject. The first idea shared was their ‘vowel-less displays’. A nice way of making those word walls that little bit more engaging. To rival the English faculty’s effort, the maths […]

September 03

Modelling Oracy

Jo kick started our Teaching & Learning briefings this morning with an important reminder of the power of modelling good oracy. Just like the Wurzels, our students come with their wonderfully colourful dialect. We have all heard the following at some point in our classrooms over the years: All reet me luvver. Snone of me […]