Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 14

SOLE: Self Organised Learning Environments

How can we grow independence in our classrooms, not just pay lip service to it? Jeff recently spent some time with the inspirational Sugata Mitra … Sugata has a particular mission in mind – to fuel the curiosity of learners so that they are desperate to develop their learning by themselves. I first learned of […]

July 05

High Impact Feedback

Teachers have a love/hate relationship with marking. We know the benefits of regular, targeted feedback. We know that giving specific goals to our students brings about genuine progress. We know the impact that our marking has on the self esteem and resilience of our students. We know all that, but still we find ourselves under […]

July 03

Informed seating plans in minutes

Informed seating plans are a must when it comes to meeting the needs of every learner. But they can be time-consuming to create. Well, that was until Rosie came up with this excellent Excel spread sheet! Download a demo of the tool here. Then just follow these simple steps to create an informed seating plan […]