Monthly Archives: September 2013

September 18

Feedback: Back to Black (& Wiliam)

Back in 1998, Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam said ‘formative assessment is one of the highest impact teaching methods’ and ‘high quality feedback has the most effect on the weakest learners’. Yet, they argued ‘common practice in formative assessment is not good practice’. Here’s what they meant by common practice: Teacher A first explains how […]

September 04

The Perfect Mark Book

Spend 5 minutes reading this post to get to grips with your new SIMs mark sheet layout. Here’s a screen shot of your new mark sheet layout (click to enlarge). And here’s a glossary to explain those headings: Class Class code used in SIMs. Typically Year, subject/group/set Reg Group Tutor group of pupil Gender M […]

September 03

Our AfL Carousel

Here’s a quick reminder of the AfL carousel hub sessions and all the resources from Monday. Sharing Success Criteria We heard that sharing success criteria is essential and vastly improves learning outcomes. Success criteria are best broken down with clear levels or grades descriptors. We also heard success criteria should provide the basis for feedback. […]