We all want our students to be calm, focused, responsive and creative, which is essentially what mindfulness is all about. As a school community we’ve been engaging with meditation and mindfulness over the course of this year.

Amitabha joined us last week to run a superb session for our staff. We also began our day on Wednesday with a short meditation led by Simon. Rosie has been diligently running her student group every Friday lunch time – which gives our students an opportunity to meditate at the end of a long week. Earlier this year I ran an assembly on being mindful of our past and the importance of letting go.

As the exam season approaches the benefits of mindfulness for students and staff seen greater than ever. This fantastic set of resources from Mind Space could be just the ticket for you and your students. This is a great way to introduce mindful through chocolate. This is a good session for your exam groups. Or try these classroom calming steps.