Flipped Learning & Google Classroom

Yusuf led a thought-provoking briefing this week on his action research into flipped learning. Yusuf shared how he is establishing a flipped classroom to engage students before they set foot into his class.  Google Classroom has proved a great tool in flipping the learning – especially with engaging his Sixth Form classes. Yusuf has used the platform to upload video based assignments and then encouraged collaborative analysis and commentary. During the lesson itself, this home-based learning is then applied to a situation relevant to the subject area with knowledge being extended, challenged and corrected where necessary. After the lesson, students can either move onto another piece of content or test themselves on knowledge learned. At its best, flipped learning can accelerate the learning process rapidly, allowing for the teacher and student to engage with high level activities within the lesson (as opposed to delivering didactic content). Yusuf ended by providing us with some caveats:

  • Flipped opportunities need to be carefully planned with content being accessible to the learner – texts and media need to be appropriately differentiated to the student audience.
  • High expectations from the teacher are crucial. All students MUST do the work prior to the lesson. What happens if they don’t? Yusuf shared how he is working with an incentivised model to tackle this. Bottom line its about establishing clear working norms and high levels of independence with your groups.

View his full presentation here Flipped Learning.  A nice summary video can be viewed here.