Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 11

Whole school literacy resources

Thought I’d upload our whole school literacy resources. Here’s our Punctuation Time Line, which includes all the classics: full stops, commas etc. Here’s our whole school Literacy Marking Codes poster and Literacy Bookmark for students and staff. Here’s a selection of classroom posters in a similar style: Command words, Homophones Poster, Reading Poster and Speaking Poster. Also here’s the literacy […]

January 08

Killer Questioning Techniques

Why is questioning the most important weapon in a teacher’s arsenal? This was the introductory question posed to us by Richard Kennett (@kenradical) – who led a great twilight training session this week. Quoting both Voltaire and Wilshaw, Richard reminded us how important questioning is when it comes to assessing and promoting learning. The Golden […]