Monthly Archives: March 2014

March 23

Improving the Climate for Learning (Part II)

Be fair, be committed. Have routines. Be interesting. Grab their attention. Do something different. Make them feel secure. Have a good looking room. Think about mixing up the seating. And remember… every time students enter a classroom they respond according to their perceptions of how positive a classroom feels. This was the subject of Iain’s […]

March 14

Differentiated Homework in PE

How can we set homework that engages all the students in our classrooms? How can we differentiate our homework effectively? The PE department have put their own competitive twist on Teacher Toolkit’s TakeAwayHomework. Offering four distinct levels – from N Power League 2 up to the Barclays Premier League – students are encouraged to select […]

March 07

Improving the climate for learning

We spent Wednesday’s twilight CPD session reflecting upon the learning climates within our own classrooms. We began with this instructional teacher video from 1947. The opening messages are still true today: ‘The vast majority of behaviour issues in the classrom involve minor breaches of discipline’ and ‘these incidents originate in the classroom situation itself and […]

March 02

Teaching literacy

What can we all do within our own classrooms to help improve the literacy standards of our students? What are the marginal gains that could make the difference for our students? Jo’s recent Teaching & Learning briefings helped shed light on what we can all be doing to support our students in making those vital […]