January 11

Whole school literacy resources

Thought I’d upload our whole school literacy resources. Here’s our Punctuation Time Line, which includes all the classics: full stops, commas etc. Here’s our whole school Literacy Marking Codes poster and Literacy Bookmark for students and staff. Here’s a selection of classroom posters in a similar style: Command words, Homophones Poster, Reading Poster and Speaking Poster. Also here’s the literacy […]

January 08

Killer Questioning Techniques

Why is questioning the most important weapon in a teacher’s arsenal? This was the introductory question posed to us by Richard Kennett (@kenradical) – who led a great twilight training session this week. Quoting both Voltaire and Wilshaw, Richard reminded us how important questioning is when it comes to assessing and promoting learning. The Golden […]

November 26

Effective, everyday differentiation

There is a myth out there that effective differentiation is about delivering the same lesson in thirty different ways, with thirty different outcomes. This ‘unsustainable lesson’ often involves ‘worksheet overkill’. Not just a killer for faculty budgets, but this way of differentiating – with a different outcome based on prior ability and data – can […]

November 24

R&D Hubs: Technology

This year we’ve running research & development hubs as part of our whole school CPD programme. Our hubs are all about: rebalancing CPD so that teachers’ particular pedagogical and curriculum interests are afforded time and resource alongside whole school priorities. developing and embedding emerging best practice within the school. taking forward an idea, innovation or […]

November 09

Closing the Gap: A teacher toolkit

‘The moral issue is clear. This systematic and repeated failure [of our most disadvantaged students] is not attributable to lower intelligence, but to the education system itself. Without significant changes at local and national level, we will continue to fail future generations’ (Welch, T ‘Closing the Gap’). A relentless focus on the quality of teaching […]

October 12

Engaging mixed ability groups

Iain and Rich led a thoughtful and thought-provoking CPD session this week, looking at how we can best engage mixed ability groups. The session began by looking at the controversial first move by Nicky Morgan – a move that was first initiated in Gove’s Green Paper in 2007 – to forced compulsory setting in all […]

October 08

Literacy in MFL

Geraldine and Eleanor led the MFL briefing on literacy this morning. They began by outlining that MFL is all about literacy. Listening, speaking, reading, writing… this is the bedrock that Languages is built on. Learning displays in the faculty are outstanding and include connectives, adjectives, articles, time phrases and phonics. Literacy mats are well used […]